Common Strategies of Great Stock Market Traders

Let me explain how investment strategies turned people to become great investors.

Long-term investment philosophy has been one of the significant contributors for the success of many of the investors across world. Most of the successful investors did believe in investing money to get long-term benefits in the stock market. Paul Cabot’s State Street Research Investment Trust had been working with an objective to achieve long-term growth and income and capital. Similar approach was adopted my many in options trading. People need to be cautious which choosing right options trading strategies to get their expected returns on their investments.

Philip Fisher believes that if a company starts distributing dividends to the shareholders, companies will be left out with little funds for reinvestment which will affect the long-term growth. If a right stock is bought, you never find an opportunity to sell it as you go on getting benefits from it.

John Bogle says that past century data have shown that US based business enterprises have established a growth rate of 9.5 per cent with 5 per cent growth in their earnings. These realistic benchmark figures simply tell us mathematics and common sense. Hence, you need to gauge your expectations to those long-term figures which require discipline.

Benjamin Graham’s focus was always on timeliness which he thought was essential for success in the long-term. He says an intelligent value investor would maintain a long-term investment strategy. Cyclical transformations in the securities market will be overridden by diversified portfolio over a stretch of time. The securities market seems similar to a voting machine where voters can do any silly thing they want, however, over the long term, the security market is like a weighing machine where real worth of companies put on scales.

Peter Lynch is one of the strong advocates of maintaining long-term commitment to the securities market. Although he doesn’t want to hold a particular stock forever, he says that investors should review their holdings periodically and find out facts relating to the company if anything has changed in the expectations or in the share price. Lynch builds a story before any stock is bought and checks it if it is played out as expected. He instead looks at rotation approach to maintain long-term commitment by keeping replacing the underperforming stocks with better performing stocks.

Sir John Templeton says that the true objective for any long-term investor is to maximize overall real earnings. Long-term results can be achieved by changing the types of securities you favor and the methods you adopt in picking stocks. His average holding period of stocks ranges six to seven years. According to him it requires patience in order to get long-term gains. He insisted to be a bargain-hunter on a long-term fundamental basis and ignore the short-term trends.

I did extensive research and tested many options trading strategies and now I want to educate and bring what I learned in options trading business. You would understand how my trades have a minimum success rate of over 90% for the last 6 years.

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About the author:


Dr. Harsimran Singh was awarded a Ph.D. by a California University for his research work in options trading strategies and he authored 12 books. He traded stock options for 35 years. At times, he traded over a $100 million in a month in his personal account. His research work in options trading has been filed for getting patented with The US Patent Office under Application # 61/999,957.

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