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Question: Previously I joined some other options guiding services but they did not work. How can I be sure that this one will work?

Answer: You have to ask yourself this question.  Did they have the same qualifications and experience as Dr. Singh does.  Did they do the trades themselves that they recommended for you to do? Were they open enough to provide you login Information to their own account? Did they provide you a guarantee to refund you the fee if their recommendations did not work?

If your answer to all these questions is no, then you know whom you were dealing with.

Question: Is it easy to trade options ?  Does your system make it easier?

Answer:  We try to make it very easy for you. We will send you an E mail of our recommendations at least a day before we want you to trade. Our E mail will have complete details, what and when to enter and exit. We don’t expect you to do any other work except placing an order with your broker. All you need to do is spend 15 minutes of your time every week or month depending upon the plan you choose.

Question:  Does it work in all kinds of market conditions?

Answer: Our  strategy is based on one fundamental principle that it should work whether the market goes up, goes down or remains flat. In fact, in our calculations we already assume that the market is going to go against us.

 Question: Is options trading less risky than trading stocks?

Answer: It is all a matter of knowledge and experience. Most of our strategies are based on trading a certain way, then they are less risky than trading stocks. Our selling puts strategy is based on the assumption that the stock should drop way below the current trading price in a month before you lose money. If after a month, you can buy a stock at 40% to 50 % below the current price, it is naturally safer to sell puts for the stocks that you intend to buy at full price.

Question: Is this a passing fad or meant to be for long term trading?

Answer: It is not a passing fad. The large institutions will always try to take advantage of small investors. It was true in the past, it is true at present and it will remain to be true in future. Large institutions will always have to buy stocks and buy protective puts to protect their positions against the downfall. Now it is for the small investor to have knowledge to take advantage of it rather than becoming a victim of it.

Question: How long will it take me to learn?

Answer: It depends on your interest and desire to learn. We try to make it easy for you by giving the passwords to our account so you can learn fast. All I can say is that you can learn in days the gist of Dr. Singh’s experience of trading options for 35 years. If you are new to options trading, join our VIP Circle where we will give you access to a 4 week personalized course offered by Dr. Duke along with multiple educational videos explaining Dr. Singh’s strategies.

Question: If I join your Annual membership and lose money in 2 of your monthly trades in the 12th month, would you still refund my full yearly fee?

Answer: While we cannot guarantee that you will always make money, we guarantee to pay you back the entire amount of the fee that you paid us no matter which month you lost money provided you lost money in 2 or more of our conservative monthly recommendations in any single month. PLUS we will pay you up to an additional $1,000 compensation for your loss in equity.

Question: Your strategy seems to be great. I take it that it works otherwise you would not be providing a guarantee to refund the monthly fee in full if I lose money any month. How come I never heard of your strategy before?

Answer: The simple answer to your question is that most people take their advice from stock brokers. Unfortunately, they are trained to be good salespeople and not research scholars. We can bet you that 99% of the brokers would not know about the study done by Chicago Mercantile Exchange as to why people lose money in trading options. So what do you expect from them?  If you do your own research you will find that all our findings happen to be true 100%.

Question: How can we be sure that your strategy works more than 90% of the time?

Answer:  We have filed our research report of 340 pages with the US Patent office, Washington, DC. We also provide you passwords to our account. You can go back and forth on your computer and check our claims. Probably no one can provide you a better proof than that.

Question: If I make over a million dollars elsewhere, can you still write my story in your 17th upcoming book, 100 New Millionaires – 100 success stories of Option traders?

Answer: No, that’s not possible. In order to be included in the book, you have to be our client and should make over a million dollars with our recommendations.

Question: I am a very experienced trader and I trade options on a weekly basis. Can I join your monthly plan and then later switch to your Annual membership? Will I receive back from the original monthly subscription?

Answer:  You can do so but we will not give you credit for your earlier payment of $147. So it is better for you to make up your mind now and join the plan that you will like to be in.

Question: How much money is needed to start?

Answer:  We send you recommendations of spreads which have margin requirements of $50 to $200 each. There is no minimum required. However, we recommend that you start with at least $5,000 to make it worth your time and our time. Otherwise you can start with a much smaller amount of your choice.

Please keep in mind that we are looking for only a few, positive minded people who are willing to learn and work with us…