How to make money whether stocks go up or down!

The strategy I am going to tell you is most useful when the market is extremely volatile and if you are expecting a big movement in stock in either direction.

Options trading offers options strategies for those who want to trade in options intelligently. Sell a call at a strike price close to the trading price of the stock. Sell double or more numbers of calls out of money at one strike price higher than the one which is sold. Make sure that the net result is a credit. Both the options should be expiring in the same month and they should be far off in time period.

Since the net result of this strategy is that you have a larger number of calls which are long than the ones which are short, your net result is positive if the stock moves strongly upwards. But if the stock does not move upwards and rather moves downwards, it is still OK. If the stock closes somewhere between the strikes prices of long call and short call, you tend to lose money. The amount of the money lost shall be dependent upon the closing price of the stock. If the expected move in the stock price does not occur, both the positions can be closed by taking a small loss. It’s hard to predict this, but you can use services like to help you make good investment decisions!

One of the biggest advantages of this strategy is that the time decaying factor of long positions is eliminated to a good extent. But if you are bearish, same strategy can be used for puts as a mirror image of the call spreads.

I did extensive research and tested many options trading strategies and now I want to educate and bring what I learned in the options trading business. You will understand how my trades have a minimum success rate of over 90% for the last 6 years.

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About the author:

Dr. Harsimran Singh was awarded a Ph.D. by a California University for his research work in options trading strategies and he authored 12 books. He traded stock options for 35 years. At times, he traded over a $100 million in a month in his personal account. His research work in options trading has been filed for patent with The US Patent Office under Application # 61/999,957.

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