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I am a former licensed Professional Engineer.

I had more interest in trading options than in my engineering profession.

At one time, I made more money trading options in a day than I used to make in the whole year as an engineer.

Guess what!

I quit the engineering profession and became a licensed stock broker.

While working as a broker, I lost all the money I ever made plus….

It broke my heart.

I started exploring methods to trade options the right way.

I could not find any answers to my questions until I came across a research study done by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It showed that three out of every four buyers of options end up losing money, regardless if the market goes in their favor or disfavor.

This study opened my eyes to a “killer secret” of trading options, do the exact opposite of the buyers of options. If the majority trades one way, just do the opposite and you will succeed.

Over 35 years of trading options I became a professional trader… at times, I traded over a $100 million in a month in my personal account.

This strategy worked whether market went up..went down..or remained flat.

War..peace..recession..depression or whatever happened in the world did not matter.

I wrote a thesis about this research. A California University awarded me a Ph.D. on my unique contribution to the finance world.

This award encouraged me to write the book, “Stock Options – Work ½ Hour A Day”. This helped me to satisfy my desire to help those who lose money trading options.

I gave a warning in my book!

I wrote about 28 strategies in my book. At the beginning of each chapter, I wrote, “These strategies have been presented for academic reasons. This shall not constitute a recommendation of strategies to any individual”.

I wrote about 28 strategies to impress upon my readers that I know them all but they are all useless.

The only strategy that works more than 82.6% of the time has been discussed in 4 pages of Chapter 4.

Trust me, it was only after trading millions of dollars, and after having seen ups and downs for years, that I could summarize my ultimate successful trading strategy in 4 pages of my book.

Don’t believe me!

Then, don’t read any further. You are better off going to a casino to satisfy your gambling instincts there. Losing in a casino may be much easier than losing your hard earned money in options trading. Bear in mind that you have a 48% chance to win in a casino than trading options with my strategy where you have more than 90% probability of success.

What else does the book cover?

In addition to KEY TO SUCCESS discussed in chapter 4, it covers the following topics:

    • How to pick the best stocks – 4 simple rules!
    • How to buy stocks at ½ the current price or lower!
    • How to get paid while waiting to buy stocks at ½ price!
    • How to make money if the stocks don’t move much either way!
  • How to make money whether stocks go up or down!

What does the book not cover?

This book does not cover what day of the month you should enter and exit. It also does not cover what category of stocks to choose or avoid.

It does not cover any minimal risk strategies. Frankly, I did not know of any.

My eyes opened up after I wrote the book, “How 12 Investors Made Billions In Stocks”

These billionaires taught me how to make money while minimizing risk.

I did extensive research on minimal risk strategies.

I researched flat, bull and bear markets from 2009 to 2015.. I discovered that, if you enter your trades on one particular day of every month of the year and within certain category of stocks, you get a success rate of over 90%.

The proof and logic behind the above success rate has been provided in 309 pages of my research report which has been filed for patent with the US Department Of Commerce.

It Doesn’t Matter at all!

What I learned will make consistent profits in options trading, no matter what happens in the world or in the stock market. The market may go up..go down..go does not matter.

My system assumes that the market is going to move against me, and slices the risk to a microscopic level, giving me a chance to make money, no matter what the market does.

Ironclad Guarantee*

While I cannot guarantee your success, I provide an ironclad guarantee that if you ever lose money based on my monthly recommendations, I will refund you double your monthly fee for that month. My confidence is based on my research and that we did not have a single losing year for 6 years consistently. My strategy beats S&P 500 Index every year. Even in 2009, when S&P 500 Index lost 42%, we gained 297%, in year 2010 we gained 34%, in year 2011 we gained 106% and so on…. It is all reflected on our website.

You get Log In Passwords To My Account

I also try to do all my trade recommendations in my account and you will be notified at least a day before I do them. You will know the exact date when to get in..get out..and most importantly every trade recommendation will have over a 90% chance of success. It’s a simple mathematical reality which does not involve any thinking on your part. You will have access to my account which reveals any profits or losses as a result of my recommended trades.

All you need to do is spend 15 minutes of your time in a week/month to trade my recommended options. You don’t need to spend ½ hour a day any longer as my software does all the hard work.

With your permission, I am going to send you a hard copy of this book titled:

Stock options
Work ½ Hour A Day
Yes, this book is really free!
But This Free Book Is Not For Everyone!

Trading options involves risk and, if you can’t handle risk, you should forget about options entirely and stop reading any further. And, if you don’t have at least $5,000 to get started, this book may not be meant for you.

But if it’s not a problem, you should get this free book immediately.

You can trust my record of over 90% success rate as it has been filed with The US Patent Office under file # 61,999,957.

Does My Research Report Have A Success Rate of 90%?

In fact, it’s 99% but I call it over 90% as 99% seems to be too hard to believe. It’s because of such a high success rate that I am able to provide a double your money back guarantee for any losing month based on our monthly recommendations.

Why I Am Giving Away This Book For Free!

It is simple. It’s a bribe! One day if not now, you may become my customer and make millions with me.

And if you do make over a $1 million with my help and support, I will be able to write your story in my 17th book,

100 New Millionaires
100 Success Stories Of Stock Options Traders

Will I succeed in my Dream?

This book will be the hottest seller in the world as no one else has dreamt of writing such a book. My life is full of such accomplishments which seem absolutely impossible to most people. The same people who called my projects impossible in the beginning, honored me later with accolades such as    “Super genius..absolutely astounded..commendable endeavor..Great asset..Real contribution..First time in history..and…”

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