• I have been a subscriber to Dr. Singh’s Options Newsletter for almost six months. I cannot be more pleased with the results. The weekly newsletter has a variety of option recommends each week. I really like vertical spread trades and Dr. Singh’s weekly newsletter usually has 10-12 different vertical spread trades these from which to choose each week. I am happy to report that my success rate is quite high. I expect to be a subscriber to Dr Singh’s Options Newsletter for many years to come! – Alan Herskowitz, CA
  • I made the cost of the program back w the 1st weeks picks! Great program, well worth the cost! -T. Smith, NY
  • Good day. I just wanted to say that in a sea of companies wanting to give advice on making money with options, that Dr Singh has a system that actually works. I have had to do some learning, but that has made his system that much more valuable. I look forward to a long relationship with this system and do plan to be one of his Millionaires.
    Thank you, – Ritchie Ketcheson Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • I’ve only been trading your recommendations since the beginning of December (2 months now). So far I haven’t had any losing trades and my portfolio is up over $15,000. Thank you. Keep up the good work. – S. Smith, FL
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  • Although I have been a member of Dr. Singh’s club for several months now, I have only recently begun actively trading. My very small trading account limits my ability to make trades, but of the few I have made, only once did a trade go against me. Dr. Singh truly proposes trades that have a 98% chance of being a “win”. I would highly recommend others to benefit from his wisdom. – Bob Butman CA
  • I started following Dr. Singh guidance on stock options since December 2016. I have study all monthly, weekly, 4 legged strategy, 3 legged strategy and risk-less strategy. Today, I feel confident to invest all my saving into stock options based on Dr. Singh recommendation and key factor he has mentioned in his book. Dr. Singh is genius of stock market. In future, I am willing to trade confidently thru out of my life. – Gurdarshan, NY
  • I have found Dr. Singh’s options recommendations to be the most reliable and “roller-coaster free” among the many, many I have tried. I trade the level 1 and 2 weekly recommendations (80-90% probability of success), plus the monthly options. I get filled on about half the orders I put in. In the last 4 months, I have had only 1 losing week. You need to read Dr. Singh’s directions carefully. Also, you need to push for the lowest commission rate possible(<$1.00) from a reputable broker to make these strategies work. I am delighted how my options account has consistently grown since I started following Dr. Sing’s recommendations. – CA, New Jersey
  • I am a very satisfied member of Dr. Singh Options for 7 months. Prior to joining Dr. Singh Options I had tried two others losing several thousand dollars with one and frustrated with the other due to the limited amount of recommendations. Dr. Singh provides weekly emails over the weekend with a variety of options opportunities and easy to follow recommendations instructions and probabilities. HIs weekly options have a variety of PUT spreads and once a month he also provides monthly PUT options.
    Option trading has certainly been a learning process for me but in following Dr. Singh’s method I have ventured into several option trades on my on with good success. The one advice I would give new option traders is to exit the option promptly if becomes apparent that it is not going as you hoped, especially do this for any 3X options as they can move quickly in an unfavorable direction. -Joe Warren, Wichita, Kansas.
  • Dr. Singh’s trading system is wonderful. I has made me tons of money. – Yigong Wang
  • I have been a subscriber for three weeks and I have been making money each week. I have been trading since 1992 and have always enjoyed option trading, but somehow drifted away from it. Thank you for bringing me back to options and narrowing my focus to just spread trading. – Brian Lowe, Hong Kong
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  • Dr. Singh By your kindness you have touched my heart. I am a Parsi, and have a deep respect for the Sikhs, their intellect, their integrity, their charity, their industriousness.
    You are a proud example of that.
    With your kindness you have made me determined to learn in the next three months this business and achieve financial goals after that in the following 12 months remaining.
    In my heart you are truly a great man and may God bless you. -Pat Mehraban Irani, Houston, Texas
  • I am not completely comfortable speaking and/or writing in the English language but I will be happy to give a testimony of my success with your recommendations. I completed year 2016 with a net gain of approx 12k….. Delbert Sagasay, CA
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